Terminen börjar 15 januari / Term starts January 15

Yogan börjar 15 januari / Yoga starts January 15

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Yoga för seniorer / Yoga for the golden age

Dagens “seniorer” är aktiva människor. Kroppen åldras dock, det är ett ovedersägligt faktum. Yoga är ett sätt att hålla leder och muskler och sinne i trim. Fördelen är att yogan arbetar på flera nivåer, inte enbart den fysiska. Ring eller mejla för information om kurser och tider, 0723061707 eller info@yogashanti.eu.

Yoga for the golden age. Maybe jumping around on a mat doesn’t appeal to you anymore. No worry, yoga can be applied in many different ways, to suit all age groups. Yoga works on different levels, the physical, mental and spiritual. All of these become more important as we age. Call or email for information on classes and times, 0723061707 or info@yogashanti.eu.


Indra and A.G. Mohan

Indra and A.G. Mohan

Sri T. Krishnamacharya

Sri T. Krishnamacharya

Svastha Yoga Therapy: Holistic Health – Dr. Ganesh Mohan 3. – 7. 10. 2014 in Prague

In this professional program on yoga therapy, we aim to bring you the most effective aspects of traditional yoga and ayurveda combined with modern medicine.This module focuses on holistic health and an integrative approach to yoga therapy. Taught by Ganesh Mohan from the respected Indian family of Mohans we will learn specific guidelines for different conditions and general treatment principles will be detailed, empowering you to safely and effectively address Stress and anxiety related conditions through yoga. We have designed this program especially for yoga teachers and advanced practitioners, but it should also be of interest to people from related fields. The goal is to enable participants to integrate newly acquired knowledge immediately in their teaching, particularly in private sessions.

Program of Module 7: Holistic health:
1. Case studies of different health problems of body, breath, and mind.
2. Assorted conditions that require input from information in multiple modules (e.g. diabetes, cancer etc)
3. Analyzing and applying modifications of asana, pranayama, meditation for different people and needs.
4. Holistic sequencing combining goals of body, breath, and mind.
5. Practical sequences for different therapeutic needs.

Ganesh Mohan 3

Ganesh Mohan, son of A. G. Mohan and Indra Mohan, was trained from childhood in yoga and other related areas such as Vedic chanting. He is a doctor, formally trained in both modern medicine and Ayurveda. He is the co-author of the Mohans’ book, Yoga Therapy. He is deeply interested in the profound wisdom of the Yogasutras of Patanjali, which he continues to study and teach. He is also co-translator of Yoga Yajnavalkya, with AG Mohan.