The Myth of Yoga

Mythic Dimensions

Myth is one of those wonderful words that most people don’t completely understand. For most, a myth is a lie. It is a story that did not actually take place, a legend or fable. When we hear the word myth today, it often has a negative connotation, as in “Those weapons of mass destruction were a myth”.

Used in this sense, and with our title in mind, I will venture to say that commonplace presumptions of the history of yoga are in fact a myth.

Another way to understand the word myth is that it is synonymous with the word religion. Myths are the stories that inspire and bind together civilizations. Myths ultimately spring from deep within us, and the rituals associated with myth are vehicles which enable us to experience a connection between ourselves and the Mystery of life.

“It would not be too much to say…

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The Tools of Yoga Therapy

Asana: A new pattern is introduced to the body by changing the current and habituated patterns through which the body is living. (This includes alignments, posture, gait, and somatic tone.) 

Pranayama: Creation of a new breath pattern by teaching various breathing techniques, with or without ratios, either with movement, or in classically sequenced breathing practices.

Ahara and Vihara: New lifestyle patterns that may include diet and exercise.

Pratyahara: Create new patterns for the senses, literally meaning providing the “opposite food.” This presents a multitude of possibilities for the yoga therapist.

Dhyanam: New patterns for the mind which may include meditation, guided imagery, and visualizations.

Mantra: This may include a range from monosyllabic sounds to chants and prayers from different faiths and cultures, or meaningful lines from poems. 

Nyasa: Gestures and specific placements often combined with breath or visualization, which are not only palliative, but also bring attention and vitality to the region of focus.

Bhavana: Positive and supportive visualization that empowers the mind in the healing process with specific focuses.


Clinical Synergism In The Treatment Of Trauma: Yoga Therapy And Psychotherapy

Authors: Anita Claney, MS; Gina Siler, MA, MSC, LPC; Kausthub Desikachar, PhD

Yoga för seniorer / Yoga for the golden age

Dagens “seniorer” är aktiva människor. Kroppen åldras dock, det är ett ovedersägligt faktum. Yoga är ett sätt att hålla leder och muskler och sinne i trim. Fördelen är att yogan arbetar på flera nivåer, inte enbart den fysiska. Ring eller mejla för information om kurser och tider, 0723061707 eller

Yoga for the golden age. Maybe jumping around on a mat doesn’t appeal to you anymore. No worry, yoga can be applied in many different ways, to suit all age groups. Yoga works on different levels, the physical, mental and spiritual. All of these become more important as we age. Call or email for information on classes and times, 0723061707 or

Indra and A.G. Mohan

Indra and A.G. Mohan

Sri T. Krishnamacharya

Sri T. Krishnamacharya