Namarupa Issue 18 – Winter 2013-14

Namarupa Issue 18 – Winter 2013-14

Articles include:
Pilgrimage to Sringeri with R. Sharath Jois and Eddie Stern
Yoga Sutras: The Practice by Vyaas Houston
Teachings of Professor Krishnamacharya by Claude Marechal
#Krishnafortoday by Keshav
Nyayas by Graham Ajit Bond
Vibrant Self by Igor Kufayev
Panchakarma: The Five Actions of Ayurveda by Vikram Zutshi
Hanuman’s Influence on Yoga Asanas by Mayank Dhingra
Kali Yoga: Artwork by Nelson Meadows
Vastu Architecture in the West by Michael Borden
Jageshwar: Photo Essay by Robert Moses
The Practice of Nada Yoga by Baird Hersey
Shavasana: The Corpse Pose Jan Schmidt-Garre

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